What's Driving Why People Choose ClaimBuyout

Recently (Aug. '22), Enterprise Rent-a-Car released its report highlighting a 4.9-day increase in Length of Rental (LOR) totaling 18.2 days, and Non-drivable cycle time is now 26.7 days (or 7.8 days higher than the previous year). Given today's market dynamics—with fluctuating parts availability, backlogs, and increased severity—this number will continue to rise.

Here's where ClaimBuyout offers a solution. As a Post-accident option offering Pre-accident value, our referral service works directly with the vehicle owner to buy their repairable vehicle.

Over the past 18 months, we have seen two reasons spike why people choose ClaimBuyout—either their vehicle has too much damage, or it will take too long for the repair to be completed.

ClaimBuyout Overview:
- ClaimBuyout Offer to Contract = 3 business days (average)
- Average repair estimate referral = 30% to 70% 
- Average vehicle model year = 2016
- Average repair estimate = $13,400
- Average age of repair received = 45 days
- $30 Million worth of vehicles purchased

LINK to current industry data presented by Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Robert Guerrero
Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero

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