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My son had an accident and due to supply chain issues, the repair shop had waited months for parts. ClaimBuyout made a fair offer for his damaged vehicle. We accepted and the transaction was easily completed in a matter of days. Easy process, fair offer, and excellent customer service!

Amy H.

Kandice made this entire process very easy. I really appreciate how communicative she was. The steps were simple and stress free. I highly recommend ClaimBuyout to anyone!

Ayda S.

Great company to work with. I think it only took about 10 days or less from start to finish. Great communication and customer service. If I was ever in position I was again I would definitely take the same route. And would absolutely recommend this company to friends and family!

Krista B.

ClaimBuyout made my car accident, a very difficult situation, much simpler and less stressful for me. Much of the process could be completed directly through my cellphone on breaks at work and the girls who helped me out explained each step of the process clearly. I am so grateful for ClaimBuyout and their help! Highly recommend!

Nicole T.

Loved how everything was handled. Valerie, Kandice, and Jen were all great! Got things taken care of very fast and they were friendly. Thank you!

Joseph H.

How Your ClaimBuyout Offer
Is Created

No two accidents are alike, so we start by looking at various factors on a case-by-case basis.

At ClaimBuyout, we create our Offer by applying real-time data and analytics from a variety of industry sources along with proprietary methodology and technology only available at ClaimBuyout.

Each Offer is tailored specifically for each customer. Only ClaimBuyout delivers this type of service based upon these real-time calculations in addition to incorporating the repair estimate and images resulting in Pre-accident value for our customers.

Once You Say “Yes”

Once you accept the offer, you’ll have a dedicated
ClaimBuyout team member assist you from start to finish.


ClaimBuyout will provide you with written confirmation along with the terms and conditions.


We’ll dig deeper into payment details and lien information needed to satisfy all parties involved.


You provide your vehicle's title and paperwork.


We’ll coordinate your vehicle’s pickup and delivery.


We’ll let you know when you will receive your check.

Things To Consider

Locate your vehicle's title.


Request your lien/lease payoff amount. (if applicable)

Remove all of your personal items from the vehicle as soon as possible.

Confirm the images of your damaged vehicle.

payment method

Choose your payment method after accepting your ClaimBuyout Offer.

ClaimBuyout logo

10-Day Payoff Amount

of your lien / loan / lease vehicle

customer representatives awaiting calls from new vehicle owners

Request the payoff amount for your vehicle by contacting your bank/lender or leasing company. The payoff amount is not the same as looking at your last payment statement


Ask for a 10-day payoff amount in writing and request what address to use to send the payoff amount.

Release your vehicle

and remove your personal belongings.

releasing car keys to a new vehicle owner

Call the repair facility or wherever the car is located and verbally release it to allow ClaimBuyout to pick it up.


Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked

Is there a fee or cost to using ClaimBuyout?

No. We do not charge vehicle owners for our services.

How do I get the payoff amount for my vehicle and what do I need to ask?

You can access the payoff amount for your vehicle by contacting your bank/lender or leasing company. You want to ask for a 10-day payoff amount in writing and request the mailing address where to send the payoff amount. Keep in mind this is not the same as looking at your last payment statement.

What if I own the vehicle and do not have a loan or a lease? How do I receive my payment directly from ClaimBuyout?

You will need to show ownership and that no lien is on the vehicle. You can determine whether you want to be paid via wire service (ACH) or check. Your ClaimBuyout Customer Experience team member will confirm the details with you as part of the process.

How long has ClaimBuyout been in business and how is it managed?

We have been in business since January 2021. We have gone through a rigorous vetting process with your insurance provider to be a referral service to their policyholders. Our management team has 70+ years of combined industry expertise.

When do I release the vehicle to ClaimBuyout?

Once you agree to ClaimBuyout's Offer, then your next steps include releasing the vehicle, delivering the title to ClaimBuyout, getting all of your personal belongings out of the vehicle, and working with your Customer Experience Representative to help you through the rest of the process.

Why hasn't this service been offered before?

That's a great question. ClaimBuyout is revolutionizing the way people sell their damaged vehicle after an accident and receive pre-accident value. We are the first national company to offer this solution and we are pleased to work with customers from coast to coast.

Where can I leave feedback for suggestions and ideas?

We appreciate any and all feedback you may have to share. You will receive a survey link at the end of the process. Feel free to share any further kudos or comments on social media as we continue to build the ClaimBuyout community. Thank you!

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