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ClaimBuyout Will Forever Change How People Think About Selling Their Car After An Accident

Your policyholders now have another option for getting rid of their damaged vehicles after an accident and before it’s repaired.

Find out how we can take your customer satisfaction levels through the roof!

I have been in the claims business for 32 yrs now. CBO is the silver bullet the industry has needed for years on claims that aren't totals, technically, but the customer demands it be. Those can get really sour fast and eventually cost the insurance company a policy, as the customer will leave us when the repairs are forced on them, and their policy renews. But not now! We have an option for those! CBO!

And y'all are amazing! Truly a Win; Win; Win deal here!

Greg Z.

We Work With Any Insurance Provider

We work with your customer
every step of the way

We manage the title paperwork,
lien payoff, and vehicle pickup

There is NO charge to the
vehicle owner for our services

It's Simple, Fast, And Easy To Do

Percentage of ClaimBuyout Offers accepted: 70%

ClaimBuyout Offer to contract:

2 business Days

Average vehicle model:


Average Age of Repair Received:

45 days

Average repair estimate:


Damaged vehicles purchased to date:

$50 Million

Fact: Average cost to repair ranges from 30% - 70%

ClaimBuyout Direct

ClaimBuyout knows that investing in people and technology is the key to constantly improving.

That is exactly why we developed ClaimBuyout Direct.

Our portal is designed to aid insurance adjusters and supervisors in gaining easy 24/7 access to their customers ClaimBuyout Offer status.

Portal access is for our insurance provider partners only.

A Revolutionary New Service Is Here

The insurance claims industry is ready for a digital transformation. We’re here to help. We offer a new way to sell a damaged vehicle after an accident, for pre-accident value, and we’re the first national company to do so.

We continue to invest in technology that makes the customer experience seamless, fast and easy.

Our solution expedites the cycle time within days and positively impacts customer satisfaction.

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TOP 5 Reasons

Why Customers Choose ClaimBuyout


Too Much Damage

Too Much Damage

Vehicle Owner is not comfortable driving a vehicle that has significant damage.


Takes Too Much Time

It takes too long for the parts and repair to happen.


Service demands

Vehicle Owner lacks confidence in the repair meeting its pre-accident condition.



Vehicle Owner is uncomfortable being back in the same car where a theft occurred.


Sentimental Reason

The vehicle is a reminder of the accident, they are dealing with a family situation.

This Is Why Our Customers Love Us




Fast &


Industry Perspective

man sharing industry knowledge

As vehicles become more advanced, the complexity of their repairs after an accident does too. Once the vehicle is considered repairable following an accident, ClaimBuyout is an option customers are recognizing as a real benefit to them. They like the speed and convenience, and we make it easy to understand how we came to our offer to buy their vehicle.

Each customer’s situation is unique and different.

Customers choose ClaimBuyout because their vehicle is too damaged or the parts are going to take months due to supply chain issues. Our team of industry experts take the time to help throughout the process.

It’s no surprise that the amount of time it takes to close a claim, the cycle time and customer satisfaction are closely aligned. Our job is to assist insurance providers with a guaranteed ClaimBuyout Offer as an additional option for their customers.

ClaimBuyout’s process grants customers insights they can rely on, care and support throughout the claim process, and we utilize direct feedback to improve the process for future vehicle owners.

ClaimBuyout Offer


Repair Estimate


Pre-Accident Value

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